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Our company SERVIS ARMATUR is a limited liability company, founded in 1992. From the beginning we focused on service activities in the fitting sphere for customers from the cellulose and paper production branch.

We did high investments into modern renovation technologies due to customers' needs of special repairs. These are largely special fittings mainly made of stainless materials for use in an environment with aggressive chemical corrosion under high temperature.

First was the Plasma powder surfacing PTA - Plasma Transfer Arc for hardfacing. The next was the equipment for the thermal spray of metal materials. The first installed technology of this method was the heat spray using electric arc, which melts the adding wire. The last equipment is the state-of-art spray technology HVOF - High Velocity of Oxygen Flame.

Encompassing of these high technologies of spherical and cylindrical surfaces renovation brought the company SERVIS ARMATUR new possibilities. Deliveries to paper mills and pulp plants were extended to new branches like chemical industry, energetic, food-processing industry, and gas industry, printing industry, heavy and light industries.

The company SERVIS ARMATUR can provide repairs of all valves and fittings types, while mainly focused on ball valves renovations of bigger sizes with metal-metal sealing..

Our abilities to machine such renovated surfaces, mainly extremely hard and tough, together with modern technologies help us to rang among the best companies in this branch not only in the Czech Republic but also among prominent renovation companies in Europe. We present our products regularly at the most important fair in our branch - ACHEMA in Frankfurt am Main.

Every customer gets from us complete service in the contracting service activities and also in individual orders from problem analysis, construction solution (drawing document processing in DWG, DXF formats), and delivery of needed semi-finished products to problem solving and eventual mounting.

Administration together with production hall is in our own modernised building in the industrial zone of municipality Paskov, close to Ostrava, and not far from the border with Poland and Slovakia.

Still not our customer? Than come and try our abilities and use our reach experiences in the production and machine parts renovation.